• Simulating and interpreting JWST/NIRSpec observations

    We have developed an original framework, based on the combination of multi-band HST observations and a spectral evolution model, to simulate JWST/NIRSpec observations of high-redshift galaxies.

    To access the JWST/NIRSpec simulations check the instructions here !

  • BEAGLE - BayEsian Analysis of GaLaxy sEds

    BEAGLE is a new-generation tool to model and interpret galaxy spectral energy distributions, allowing one to build mock galaxy catalogues as well as to interpret, in a Bayesian framework, any combination of photometric and spectroscopic galaxy observations.

    For more details about BEAGLE check this webpage !

  • Dust attenuation

    We have developed a new, simple prescription to model the effect of dust attenuation in galaxies, accounting for the effect of the spatial distribution of dust and stars, and of galaxy inclination.

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